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With over 80 stores, Korean Homibing’s sister brand is officially ready to uncover it’s curtains. After 3 years of meticulous preparation, we present to you “Snow Show” Korean.

While Homibing focuses on Korean Bingsoo, “Snow Show” also expands into Japanese Kakigori, Taiwanese Shaved Ice, Taro Ball, Herb Jelly, and daily house-made Tofu Pudding.

“Snow Show” focuses on perfecting all the small details as well as the overall quality of each artisan masterpiece. We insist on hand making each dish to integrate into your daily life.

“Snow Show” persist on using fresh fruits, 100% fresh milk ice blocks, and artisan fresh fruit sauce.

80家分店的韓國好味冰姐妹品牌Snow show斯諾秀正式登場 精心籌備3年,斥資打造精緻化冰品王國。

來自台灣的昕澤食品集團創立的好味冰在韓國擁有超過80家分店-專業主打韓式雪花冰 現在更創立2.0升級版「snow show斯諾秀」除了原有的韓式雪花冰, 更增加了日式鵝絨冰、台式黑糖剉冰、冰晶芋圓、嫩仙草及每日限量手工豆花。

「Snow show斯諾秀」的品牌精神除了堅持做好每一件小事之外, 也講究整體質感及匠人的精神,更強調手工冰品融入日常的生活體驗。

「Snow show斯諾秀」採用新鮮香甜水果,主打100%鮮奶冰磚製作, 及手工自製的新鮮果醬。